We Are The Gym of Avon

Meet the team

B Brigham Van Etten

Co-Owner/Strength Coach

L Lindsey Van Etten

Co-Owner/Strength Coach

The Blueprint

Coaches Brigham & Lindsey

Our purpose for creating The Gym of Avon™ is not to “re-invent the wheel” per se, rather, we want to take what is already there and improve upon it. With fads, gimmicks and new trends popping up left and right, it seems as though it is becoming damn near impossible to find real, “results-driven” private training. This growing dilemma is exactly what motivates us to help clients eat better, train better and achieve their goals. Lindsey and myself (Brigham) founded The Gym of Avon™ in an effort to get rid of the guesswork and bring world-class training to athletes, professionals and individuals. Whether it is in our facility, communicating through the Internet or coming to your home, we want to raise the standard for improving health & wellness!

Weight training, nutrition and supplementation are not separate entities, they work in unison, all playing a vital role within the body. With a scientific based approach, we want to show you the correct way to use these tools to your advantage. Our main objective is to not sell a “product,” but rather to teach a healthier way of life.
We strongly believe that to be successful, great training and nutrition must be measurable and out–come based. From training logs, nutritional journals, body fat measurements, you name it, it’s all archived. If you’re not tracking your results then you really have no idea if you’re headed in the right direction. The Gym of Avon™ is searching for individuals who want to be both healthy inside and out. This is not a quick fix style program, but if you’re willing to put in the work, we’ll get you life sustaining results. If you’re in the area, stop by for a private consultation. If you’re online, send us you’re information and we’ll tailor a program specifically for your physiology.

Producing results is what defines us.