By creating a gym focusing specifically on results driven fitness we strive to offer guidance to avoiding the “problems” that can arise in all types of training. Whatever our clients’ goals might be, we will create programs to reach and sustain their goals.



Our exercise programs are not based on fads, gimmicks or the basic “cookie cutter” style approach. Each and every program is constructed on a foundation of exercise science and your personal history, which we gather through our assessment process.

Our job is to help you reach your goal as quickly as possible. We take the time to review your information and match you to a training regiment that best suits what you’d like to achieve.



Each nutrition and supplement plan is built to improve your health and fitness, while also melding into your daily routine. We are not advocates of diets, as they are impractical and force you to shape your life around them. The Gym of Avon™ focuses on building healthy habits and lifestyle changes that can be maintained.

Upon our first meeting you will be asked to complete a detailed assessment and 3 – day dietary recall. This gives us a starting point to work from and brings to light the changes that need to be made. If requested, we can also do a “kitchen overhaul,” showing you what can and can’t be in your cupboards.


Systems Training

Grinding away on a treadmill for 45-minutes at a time is a activity of the past. The Gym of Avon™ provides a cardiovascular routine that is swift and effective. Losing body fat while maintaining your hard earned muscle tissue does not need to be a long, draining process!

In addition to your specific personal training package, every client has the option to attend The Gym of Avon’s™ Energy Systems Training program. We put an unconventional twist on your mainstream cardio routine utilizing equipment such as sleds, air dyne bike’s, slam balls and even your own body weight!


A Consultation & Session Free of Charge