Here in our facility we work to build a solid athletic foundation while also improving each athlete’s sport specific goals. Our programs include top level instruction in coordination, speed, explosiveness, power and functional strength.


Specific Programs

Strength and conditioning, olympic weightlifting and powerlifting are just some of the many forms of exercise we use to increase athletic performance. Our programs are closely constructed to the athletes given sport and desired goals.


Based Nutritional Plan

All Gym of Avon™ athletes work closely with an assigned coach to formulate a nutrition plan that accommodates their needs. Athletes put their bodies under intense physical demands making food choices more important than ever.


Balance Assessment

Structural balance is an assessment method that we use to reveal strength imbalances an athlete might possess. The body has a unique ability of overcoming shortcomings, however; if addressed correctly, athletic performance will dramatically improve while diminishing the risk of injury.


An Assessment & Session Free of Charge